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Practice Volver, Llegar, and Buscar

Let’s use a quiz to get lots of practice with the verbs Volver, Llegar, and Buscar, as well as everything else we’ve learned this week. Try to predict the Spanish, and speak out loud!

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Lo mejor está por venir.

Intro: Join us on a rigorous, step-by-step journey to fluency. I’m Timothy and this is LearnCraft Spanish.

Let’s use a big quiz to practice Volver, Llegar, Buscar, and everything else we’ve learned this week.

Get here on time or I won’t talk to you again.

Llega a tiempo o no volveré a hablar contigo.

Don’t say that again; he has to come back.

No vuelvas a decir eso, él tiene que volver.

When I arrive, you’ll see that everything was in order.

Cuando yo llegue, verás que todo estaba en orden.

We’re looking for the average and I think it’s nineteen.

Buscamos la media y creo que es diecinueve.

I came back yesterday and we’ll go back together next week.

Yo volví ayer y nosotros volveremos juntos la próxima semana.

We always arrive on time, so we’re about to arrive.

Siempre llegamos a tiempo, así que estamos por llegar.

(Plural) Come back! I’m looking for friends.

¡Vuelvan! Busco amigos.

I only have half; I’ll give you the rest when he gets home.

Solo tengo la mitad, te daré el resto cuando él llegue a casa.

I’m coming back today, but she doesn’t want me to come back.

Vuelvo hoy, pero ella no quiere que yo vuelva.

She is going to arrive at four thirty because she came back to the city.

Va a llegar a las cuatro y media porque volvió a la ciudad.

We have to do it in order, first sixteen, afterwards seventeen.

Tenemos que hacerlo en orden, primero dieciséis, después diecisiete.

We always come back when he looks for us.

Siempre volvemos cuando nos busca.

This isn’t the right order, eighteen goes first.

Este no es el orden correcto, dieciocho va primero.

I don’t want you to come back after three thirty.

No quiero que vuelvas después de las tres y media.

He is twenty now and he is going crazy.

Ahora tiene veinte años y se vuelve loco.

The order doesn’t matter, what matters is the rest.

El orden no importa, lo que importa es el resto.

Look for the loss so that we don’t look for it again.

Busca la baja para que no la volvamos a buscar.

If he doesn’t come back soon, I’m going to look for him.

Si no vuelve pronto, voy a buscarlo.

Come back! The best is yet to come.

¡Vuelve! Lo mejor está por venir.

I’m looking for the length of the table.

Estoy buscando el largo de la mesa.

He won’t come back unless he knows the length of the train.

No volverá a menos que sepa el largo del tren.

He got here yesterday and now they are looking for the games.

Él llegó ayer y ahora buscan los juegos.

Maybe he’ll come back after he is sixteen.

Quizás vuelva después de tener dieciséis años.

Let’s do that again! I want to have seventeen dollars.

¡Volvamos a hacer eso! Quiero tener diecisiete dólares.

I don’t want them to talk to me again.

No quiero que me vuelvan a hablar.

(formal) Come back! If you arrive late, it’ll be a problem.

¡Vuelva! Si llega tarde, será un problema.

She hasn’t arrived and we arrived two hours ago.

Ella no ha llegado y nosotros llegamos hace dos horas.

If there is a drop, it’ll go from twenty to nineteen.

Si hay una baja, irá de veinte a diecinueve.

She has looked for you in half of the city.

Te ha buscado en la mitad de la ciudad.

They are saying again that you’re looking for the average.

Vuelven a decir que buscas la media.

You won't go back home after you’re eighteen.

No volverás a casa después de tener dieciocho.

You haven’t gone back, but if you go back, you’ll go crazy.

No has vuelto, pero si vuelves, te volverás loco.

For more practice with all of this, go to LCSPodcast.com/155.

Next week, we’ll learn the multiple Spanish verbs that mean “take”, as well as several different words that mean “beautiful”.

This show is brought to you by LearnCraftSpanish.com. The Spanish voice in this episode was our coach Michael Agudelo. Our music was performed by the Seattle Marimba Quartet, and I’m Timothy, encouraging you to do the hard work of learning Spanish. Acquiring a second language is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, so start your fluency journey today at LCSPodcast.com.

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