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Practice Faltar and Temer

Let’s use a quiz to get lots of practice with the verbs Faltar and Temer, as well as our new numbers and everything else we’ve learned this week. Try to predict the Spanish, and speak out loud!

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¿Tienes ganas de hablar?

Intro: Join us on a rigorous, step-by-step journey to fluency. I’m Timothy and this is LearnCraft Spanish.

Let’s use a big quiz to practice Callarse, Faltar, Temer, and everything else we’ve learned this week.

In this first example, to say “one hundred percent”, you’ll say el cien por ciento.

(Formal) Shut up! I told you I needed one hundred percent.

¡Cállese! Le dije que necesitaba el cien por ciento.

Do you fear that if she fights you’ll lose?

¿Temes que si ella pelea perderás?

The sound is two hundred and eighty-seven times better.

El sonido es doscientas ochenta y siete veces mejor.

I don’t feel like fighting; however, I want them to fight.

No tengo ganas de pelear, sin embargo, quiero que ellos peleen.

There were four hundred and ninety-three people there and the majority spoke English.

Había cuatrocientas noventa y tres personas ahí y la mayoría hablaba inglés.

He doesn’t want me to fear politics like he feared it.

No quiere que yo tema la política como él la temía.

I gave you hundreds of examples, more than seven hundred and seventy-six.

Te di cientos de ejemplos, más de setecientos setenta y seis.

I don’t want her to fear because of that noise.

No quiero que tema por ese ruido.

I feared they were fighting for so many hours.

Temía que estuvieran peleando por tantas horas.

Don’t fight! You’re not in the right state!

¡No pelees! ¡No estás en el estado correcto!

I heard that sound one hundred and eighteen times.

Escuché ese sonido ciento dieciocho veces.

Your partner doesn’t want you to fight.

Tu pareja no quiere que pelees.

She gave me one hundred and fifty-one dollars so that I shut up.

Me dio ciento cincuenta y un dólares para que me calle.

He never shuts up and that’s why you fight with him.

Él nunca se calla y por eso peleas con él.

That couple gave him eight hundred and forty-four dollars.

Esa pareja le dio ochocientos cuarenta y cuatro dólares.

Based on that noise, I’m afraid they are still fighting.

En base a ese ruido, me temo que aún están peleando.

Three hundred and twenty-two dollars are missing.

Faltan trescientos veintidós dólares.

The base was in the right position.

La base estaba en la posición correcta.

I’m afraid the majority of the people in our network won’t help us.

Me temo que la mayoría de las personas en nuestra red no nos ayudarán.

Based on the conversation of hundreds of people, that’s not what they fear.

En base a la conversación de cientos de personas, eso no es lo que temen.

Our network isn’t good, even though it’s nine hundred and sixty-five pesos per month.

Nuestra red no es buena, aunque es novecientos sesenta y cinco pesos por mes.

He fears the base isn’t good; however, I know it’s good.

Él teme que la base no sea buena, sin embargo, sé que es buena.

We didn’t fight yesterday, but I fight today.

No peleamos ayer, pero peleo hoy.

She doesn’t want me to fear, even though there were six hundred and thirty people missing.

No quiere que tema, aunque faltaban seiscientas treinta personas.

(Plural) Shut up so I can have a conversation with her.

Cállense para que yo pueda tener una conversación con ella.

We are fighting over the color and the size.

Peleamos por el color y el tamaño.

Shut up! You haven’t shut up in like five hundred and nine hours.

¡Cállate! No te has callado en como quinientas nueve horas.

He might fear being in that state.

Puede temer estar en ese estado.

We’re afraid we have doubts.

Nos tememos que tenemos dudas.

I want him to shut up because he doesn’t want me to fear.

Quiero que él se calle porque él no quiere que yo tema.

(Plural) Don’t fight! It will be bad if you fight over politics.

¡No peleen! Será malo si pelean por política.

I can’t shut up, I feel like talking.

No me puedo callar, tengo ganas de hablar.

One hundred percent of the people want me to fight.

Cien por ciento de las personas quiere que pelee.

You can’t shut up, you have to give me an example in English.

No puedes callarte, tienes que darme un ejemplo en inglés.

There was color missing in that picture.

Faltaba color en esa foto.

I want you to shut up and I want her to fight with you.

Quiero que te calles y quiero que ella pelee contigo.

There’s a doubt left before we can finish.

Falta una duda antes de que podamos terminar.

For more practice with all of this, go to LCSPodcast.com/215.

Next week, we’ll learn a lot of fun words for things found outside, including the words for “tree”, “sun”, “river”, and “rain”.

This show is brought to you by LearnCraftSpanish.com. The Spanish voice in this episode was our coach Michael Agudelo. Our music was performed by the Seattle Marimba Quartet, and I’m Timothy, encouraging you to do the hard work of learning Spanish. Acquiring a second language is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, so start your fluency journey today at LCSPodcast.com.

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