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Practice Preguntar and Pedir

Let’s use a big spoken Spanish quiz to practice the verbs Preguntar and Pedir, along with our new nouns and everything else we’ve learned this week!

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¿Tienes algo de efectivo?

Intro: Join us on a rigorous, step-by-step journey to fluency. I’m Timothy and this is LearnCraft Spanish.

Let’s use a big quiz to practice Preguntar, Pedir, and everything else we’ve learned this week.

First I’m going to point out something confusing about the verb Pedir and how it’s used with object pronouns. Consider this example:

They asked me for it today.

Me lo pidieron hoy.

So the weird thing is that normally, indirect objects are words that are kind of like “for me”, “for you”, or “for it”. But in this particular example, “they asked me for it”, the word “me” is the indirect object and the word “it” is the direct object. The reason is that the verb Pedir generally expects that the person you’re requesting something of is the indirect object, and the thing that you’re requesting is the direct object. So let’s look at another example, and see if you can tell what’s the direct object and what’s the indirect object.

I asked my dad for them today.

So “my dad” is going to be the indirect object, and “them” is going to be the direct object. In this particular case, we need to use a redundant indirect object for “my dad”, and the le is going to turn into se. So here’s the Spanish:

Se los pedí a mi papá hoy.

Now let’s go on to our quiz, and in this first example, we’ll use the phrase “I asked you for them”.

They ask you for fifty pesos, but I asked you for them before.

Ellos te piden cincuenta pesos, pero yo te los pedí antes.

It’s true, we’re wondering where our seats are.

Es cierto, nos preguntamos dónde están nuestros asientos.

I’m asking you to put the change in that box.

Te pido que pongas el vuelto en esa caja.

We always ask you for the same thing she asks you for.

Siempre te pedimos lo mismo que ella te pide.

(formal) Ask what you want to know; it doesn’t matter if it’s personal.

Pregunte lo que quiere saber, no importa si es personal.

I’m wondering if you can give me the change.

Me pregunto si me puedes dar el vuelto.

They asked us for something they had already asked us for.

Nos pidieron algo que ya nos habían pedido.

I want you to ask her if she already found the seats.

Quiero que le preguntes si ya encontró los asientos.

The following day the dog(f) was still on the chair.

Al día siguiente la perra todavía estaba en la silla.

I can't sit there because I’m wearing a suit.

No puedo sentarme ahí porque llevo un traje.

I’m sure(f) that next week they’re going to ask me if I have gold.

Estoy segura de que la próxima semana van a preguntarme si tengo oro.

He wants you to ask him for anything you need.

Quiere que le pidas cualquier cosa que necesites.

If you ask her to tell you the real reason, she’ll tell you it.

Si le pides que te diga la razón verdadera, te la dirá.

They’re ordering a coffee, and I want them to order me one too.

Están pidiendo un café y quiero que me pidan uno también.

He wants to ask me to give him cash, like ten pesos.

Quiere pedirme que le dé efectivo, como diez pesos.

He has already asked everyone.

Ya le ha preguntado a todo el mundo.

I want to ask you if he asked you for a favor.

Quiero preguntarte si él te pidió un favor.

You already asked me for that and now he’s going to ask his friend for that.

Ya me pediste eso y ahora él va a pedirle eso a su amigo.

She’s asking her that because you never asked her it.

Le pregunta eso porque tú nunca se lo preguntaste.

We’re wondering if we put(past) a lot of salt on the food.

Nos preguntamos si le pusimos mucha sal a la comida.

We’re going to do it when he asks me to make him a suit.

Vamos a hacerlo cuando me pida que le haga un traje.

Most of her family was at home and we asked for more chairs.

La mayor parte de su familia estaba en casa y pedimos más sillas.

They always ask us the same thing he used to ask you.

Siempre nos preguntan lo mismo que él te preguntaba.

Every time I come to your house I ask you where the trash is.

Cada vez que vengo a tu casa te pregunto dónde está la basura.

Do you have some cash? Because I don’t have any change.

¿Tienes algo de efectivo? Porque yo no tengo cambio.

I’ll do it when he asks me to leave the trash outside.

Lo haré cuando me pida que deje la basura afuera.

I don’t know why you’re asking me if it was different, ask your brother.

No sé por qué me preguntas si era diferente, pregúntale a tu hermano.

They asked me if the food had a lot of salt.

Me preguntaron si la comida tenía mucha sal.

They found gold in the rear part of that place.

Encontraron oro en la parte trasera de ese lugar.

He wants me to ask if I can sit on this bench.

Quiere que pregunte si me puedo sentar en este banco.

I won’t ask that, I know that it’s in a box.

No preguntaré eso, sé que está en una caja.

Ask if they can give you some change in the official place.

Pregunta si pueden darte algo de cambio en el lugar oficial.

They’re asking me the same thing I asked you last year.

Me están preguntando lo mismo que te pregunté el año pasado.

I don’t want to ask you anything because I need to make my own decision.

No te quiero preguntar nada porque necesito tomar mi propia decisión.

They don’t want me to ask you that because they are going to ask you a favor.

No quieren que te pregunte eso porque ellos te van a pedir un favor.

Can I ask you to sit with me on this bench?

¿Puedo pedirte que te sientes conmigo en este banco?

Don’t ask her the same thing she asked you!

¡No le preguntes lo mismo que ella te preguntó!

It’s normal, she’s going to ask me to be with the dog(f) for an hour.

Es normal, me va a pedir que esté con la perra por una hora.

He doesn’t want to ask her that because I always asked her the same thing.

No quiere preguntarle eso porque yo siempre le preguntaba lo mismo.

For more practice with any of this, go to LCSPodcast.com/190.

This show is brought to you by LearnCraftSpanish.com. The Spanish voice in this episode was our coach Ximena Lama-Rondón. Our music was performed by the Seattle Marimba Quartet, and I’m Timothy, encouraging you to do the hard work of learning Spanish. Acquiring a second language is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, so start your fluency journey today at LCSPodcast.com.

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