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Welcome to LearnCraft Spanish

We can actually deliver the fluency results you've probably given up on by now.

Timothy Moser, founder of LearnCraft Spanish

What we do

The way we approach teaching Spanish is unlike anything you might have seen. It’s not "quick and easy", and it will take a lot of hard work. But it has been proven to work again and again. So if you’re looking for real fluency, the kind that will enable you to have genuine conversations with native Spanish speakers, we can help you achieve that.

Our Method
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Who we are

We are a group of Spanish language lovers (including native speakers & trained experts) and our mission is to revolutionize how the language is taught. We don’t believe in blindly following the common language learning paradigms. Instead, we like to test and discover better, faster ways to reach fluency – we’re talking about the kind of fluency where you can have an unscripted conversation with a native speaker on any topic, and deeply connect with the Spanish speakers in your life.

Our team

What Our Users Say

Most Spanish courses & apps will keep you entertained, but won’t make you fluent. We can because we’ve been doing exactly that for over 8 years!

Eric Cobb

I would say that I now comfortably understand 60-80% of normal conversation at normal speed. I also feel that I can have decent conversations in Spanish and have less trepidation than ever before in doing so.

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Eric Cobb
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