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Practice Jugar and Disculpar

Let’s get lots of spoken practice with verbs Jugar, Significar, Ayudar, and Disculpar, as well as our new nouns, numbers, and everything else we’ve learned this week. Predict the Spanish and speak out loud!

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No sabía que era tu cumpleaños.

Intro: Join us on a rigorous, step-by-step journey to fluency. I’m Timothy and this is LearnCraft Spanish.

Let’s use a big quiz to practice Jugar, Ayudar, Disculpar, Significar, and everything else we’ve learned this week. Try to predict the Spanish, and make sure to speak out loud.

They never play with me, so I played alone.

Nunca juegan conmigo, así que jugué solo.

She wants me to help her with her date.

Ella quiere que yo la ayude con su cita.

Help me! I only have forty answers and I need fifty.

¡Ayúdame! Solo tengo cuarenta respuestas y necesito cincuenta.

Don’t play with her if she doesn’t play with him.

No juegues con ella si ella no juega con él.

(Formal) Excuse me, we are playing here now.

Disculpe, estamos jugando aquí ahora.

Excuse me, you don’t know how much this has meant to me.

Disculpa, no sabes cuánto ha significado esto para mí.

That meant that I never played.

Eso significaba que yo nunca jugaba.

The parents nowadays don’t want their kids to play outside.

Los padres de hoy en día no quieren que sus hijos jueguen afuera.

That could mean that you’re going to forgive me.

Eso podría significar que vas a disculparme.

I can help you after watching the news.

Puedo ayudarte después de ver las noticias.

I need a signal to make a decision, someone has to help me.

Necesito una señal para tomar una decisión, alguien me tiene que ayudar.

If you play with them, maybe they’ll forgive you.

Si juegas con ellos, quizás te disculpen.

My son played with my daughter on Christmas.

Mi hijo jugó con mi hija en Navidad.

You don’t have to help me, you can play.

No tienes que ayudarme, puedes jugar.

Forgive me, I didn’t know it was your birthday.

Discúlpame, no sabía que era tu cumpleaños.

Let’s play this game’s demo!

¡Juguemos a la prueba de este juego!

Maybe she won’t help you because she doesn’t know the reason.

Quizás no te ayude porque no sabe el porqué.

We played together last week, but I don’t know what those things mean.

Jugamos juntos la semana pasada, pero no sé qué significan esas cosas.

(Formal) Excuse me, but I didn’t need your advice.

Discúlpeme, pero no necesitaba su consejo.

Excuse me, I wasn’t playing there.

Disculpa, no jugaba ahí.

(Formal) Excuse me, do you want me to play?

Disculpe, ¿quiere que yo juegue?

We always play together and that’s why she wants me to forgive them.

Siempre jugamos juntos y por eso ella quiere que yo los disculpe.

(Plural) Forgive me, I never play like this.

Discúlpenme, nunca juego así.

If you apologize, you can help him.

Si te disculpas, puedes ayudarlo.

I don’t want you to play with them, rather with him.

No quiero que juegues con ellos, más bien con él.

I haven’t played in a while and that means I don’t know what will happen.

No he jugado en un tiempo y eso significa que no sé qué pasará.

Help her make that call in the future!

¡Ayúdala a hacer esa llamada en el futuro!

Play with her, so that we also play.

Juega con ella para que nosotros también juguemos.

She always helps him.

Siempre lo ayuda.

For more practice with all of this, go to LCSPodcast.com/185.

Next week, we’ll learn the two Spanish verbs that mean “ask”, as well as a bunch of fun nouns such as the words for “chair”, “box”, and “outfit”.

This show is brought to you by LearnCraftSpanish.com. The Spanish voice in this episode was our coach Michael Agudelo. Our music was performed by the Seattle Marimba Quartet, and I’m Timothy, encouraging you to do the hard work of learning Spanish. Acquiring a second language is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, so start your fluency journey today at LCSPodcast.com.

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