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Practice Encantar and Bastar

Let’s get lots of spoken practice with verbs Encantar and Bastar, as well as our new nouns, numbers, and everything else we’ve learned this week. Predict the Spanish and speak out loud!

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Nos encantó así.

Intro: Join us on a rigorous, step-by-step journey to fluency. I’m Timothy and this is LearnCraft Spanish.

Let’s practice Encantar, Bastar, our new nouns, and everything else we’ve learned this week, using a big quiz. Try to predict the Spanish, and make sure to speak out loud!

One taxi did the trick for them.

Les bastó un taxi.

Tell them to play guitar in front of millions of people.

Diles que toquen la guitarra frente a millones de personas.

We loved going on vacation.

Nos encantaba ir de vacaciones.

His head hurt, so he took a taxi.

Le dolió la cabeza, así que tomó un taxi.

Going by train would do the trick to not have traffic.

Andar en tren bastaría para no tener tráfico.

His arm hurts, don’t touch it.

Le duele el brazo, no lo toques.

He is the owner of twenty-seven thousand dollars.

Él es el dueño de veintisiete mil dólares.

His boss doesn’t like how those songs sound.

A su jefe no le gusta como suenan esas canciones.

The detective said that one thing does the trick for the case.

El detective dijo que una cosa basta para el caso.

They would love those buses if there weren’t traffic.

Les encantarían esos autobuses si no hubiera tráfico.

His role as captain of the flight was important.

Su papel como capitán del vuelo era importante.

Her lawyer will love that she isn’t so honest.

A su abogado le encantará que no sea tan honesta.

The sergeant told the soldier that this will suffice.

El sargento le dijo al soldado que esto bastará.

My cousin has a guitar and a piano.

Mi primo tiene una guitarra y un piano.

Her cousin was there, waiting for the bus.

Su primo estaba ahí, esperando el autobús.

That money wasn’t enough, we needed six hundred and sixty-one thousand pesos.

Ese dinero no bastaba, necesitábamos seiscientos sesenta y un pesos.

Her phone rang every morning.

Su teléfono sonaba todas las mañanas.

Nine hundred and twenty four million have done the trick.

Han bastado novecientos veinticuatro millones.

It isn’t your turn, I’ll tell you when it’s your turn.

No te toca, te diré cuando te toque.

Seven thousand dollars did the trick to have our vacation.

Bastaban siete mil dólares para tener nuestras vacaciones.

Your coworker’s(f) phone could ring.

El teléfono de tu compañera de trabajo podría sonar.

Three hours suffice for going to the airport.

Bastan tres horas para ir al aeropuerto.

This will hurt you, so you would love not doing it.

Esto te dolerá, así que te encantaría no hacerlo.

She has been playing the piano for hours and I love it.

Ha estado tocando el piano por horas y me encanta.

If you touch that, your hand is going to hurt you.

Si tocas eso, te va a doler la mano.

Don’t play the guitar! It’s sounding strange.

¡No toquen la guitarra! Está sonando extraño.

The captain(f) was honest and she loved those things.

La capitana era honesta y le encantaban esas cosas.

His phone rang thousands of times.

Su teléfono sonó miles de veces.

Their boss(f) doesn’t know they love those things.

Su jefa no sabe que les encantan esas cosas.

She played the guitar, but she hadn’t played in a while.

Tocó la guitarra, pero no había tocado en un tiempo.

You can’t touch that car, it’s worth five million dollars.

No puedes tocar ese carro, vale cinco millones de dólares.

The soldier(f) says that the music at the airport sounds good.

La soldado dice que la música en el aeropuerto suena bien.

Your car is worth three thousand four hundred and eighty dollars.

Tu carro vale tres mil cuatrocientos ochenta dólares.

The role of my coworker is very important for us, he is a detective.

El papel de nuestro compañero es muy importante para nosotros, él es detective.

If I play this song, you have to give me forty-five million pesos.

Si toco esta canción, tienes que darme cuarenta y cinco millones de pesos.

Even if it sounds crazy, I think three million might not suffice.

Aunque suene loco, creo que tres millones pueden no bastar.

He doesn’t want me to touch his car.

No quiere que toque su carro.

Play something for her, she is going to love it.

Toca algo para ella, le va a encantar.

She has always loved being here, spending time with us.

Siempre le ha encantado estar aquí, pasando tiempo con nosotros.

You sound like your mom who is a lawyer.

Suenas como tu mamá que es abogada.

I need one million three hundred thousand.

Necesito un millón trescientos mil.

(Formal) Don’t touch that! We loved it like this.

¡No toque eso! Nos encantó así.

The sergeant is the owner of this gun, don’t touch it!

El sargento es el dueño de esta arma, ¡no la toques!

Our flight left late.

Nuestro vuelo salió tarde.

For more practice with all of this, go to LCSPodcast.com/225.

Next week, we’ll learn the verbs for “use”, “win”, and “pay”, as well as a bunch of fun nouns we can use for places that people build, including the words for “bridge”, “sidewalk”, and “address”.

This show is brought to you by LearnCraftSpanish.com. The Spanish voice in this episode was our coach Michael Agudelo. Our music was performed by the Seattle Marimba Quartet, and I’m Timothy, encouraging you to do the hard work of learning Spanish. Acquiring a second language is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, so start your fluency journey today at LCSPodcast.com.

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