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Practice Encontrar and Recordar

Let’s use a quiz to get lots of practice with the verbs Encontrar, Recordar, Entrar, and Matar, as well as everything else we’ve learned this week. Try to predict the Spanish, and speak out loud!

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La información que necesitaban.

Intro: Join us on a rigorous, step-by-step journey to fluency. I’m Timothy and this is LearnCraft Spanish.

Let’s use a quiz to get lots of practice with the verbs Encontrar, Recordar, Entrar, and Matar, as well as everything else we’ve learned this week. Try to predict the Spanish, and speak out loud!

I will find the message because she wants me to find it.

Encontraré el mensaje porque ella quiere que lo encuentre.

Did you find the green one?

¿Encontraste el verde?

You have to enter door number twenty-three.

Tienes que entrar por la puerta número veintitrés.

If you enter this room, you’ll see a great view.

Si entras en esta habitación, verás una gran vista.

Come in! I found thirty-two red ones.

¡Entra! Encontré treinta y dos rojos.

That message doesn’t tell you the whole situation.

Ese mensaje no te dice toda la situación.

Remember that I don’t like the blue one.

Recuerda que no me gusta el azul.

Maybe they’ll find number twenty-nine with your permission.

Quizás encuentren el número veintinueve con tu permiso.

We always find what we need, but you never remember it.

Siempre encontramos lo que necesitamos, pero nunca lo recuerdas.

I want him to find the blue door.

Quiero que encuentre la puerta azul.

She has to remember that they already entered the room.

Tiene que recordar que ya entraron en la habitación.

There are thirty-one things in this situation, not thirty-five.

Hay treinta y una cosas en esta situación, no treinta y cinco.

If she kills it, it’s none of your business.

Si lo mata, no es asunto tuyo.

Find a way to give them your attention.

Encuentra una forma de darles tu atención.

They found the information they needed.

Encontraron la información que necesitaban.

It’s a secret, but I think they don’t remember it.

Es un secreto, pero creo que no lo recuerdan.

Her attention is important if she enters the room.

Su atención es importante si entra en la habitación.

If you find thirty-eight, tell me something about these.

Si encuentras treinta y ocho, dime algo sobre estos.

Who is entering now? My eyesight is not good.

¿Quién está entrando ahora? Mi vista no es buena.

He will find the issue, he has my permission.

Encontrará el asunto, tiene mi permiso.

I don’t remember if I killed twenty-six or thirty-four.

No recuerdo si maté veintiséis o treinta y cuatro.

I’ll remember your point of view.

Recordaré tu punto de vista.

Did you find the people who killed him?

¿Encontraste a las personas que lo mataron?

Work kills me and I’m only thirty-seven.

El trabajo me mata y solo tengo treinta y siete años.

I entered this room because I like the view.

Entré en esta habitación porque me gusta la vista.

She doesn’t remember if it was green or red.

No recuerda si era verde o rojo.

You have to find it, because if they find it first, they’ll have thirty.

Tienes que encontrarlo, porque si ellos lo encuentran primero, tendrán treinta.

We’ll find it, don’t worry, she always finds it all.

Lo encontraremos, no te preocupes, ella siempre lo encuentra todo.

She found the information, but we didn’t find it.

Ella encontró la información, pero nosotros no la encontramos.

They haven’t found him.

No lo han encontrado.

That’s none of your business; it’s a secret.

Eso no es asunto tuyo, es un secreto.

You don’t have to kill me.

No tienes que matarme.

She has killed thirty, maybe thirty-one.

Ha matado treinta, quizás treinta y uno.

I want them to remember that my eyesight is bad.

Quiero que recuerden que mi vista es mala.

You’ll find the person who killed her.

Encontrarás a la persona que la mató.

I don’t find my phone, maybe she remembers where I put it.

No encuentro mi teléfono, quizás ella recuerde dónde lo puse.

If we enter now, we won’t know what the issue is.

Si entramos ahora, no sabremos cuál es el asunto.

From my point of view, you killed him.

Desde mi punto de vista, tú lo mataste.

When they enter the room, there will be thirty-one men.

Cuando entren en la habitación, habrán treinta y un hombres.

I want you to remember it, so you have to try to remember it.

Quiero que lo recuerdes, entonces tienes que tratar de recordarlo.

If I enter the house, they could kill me.

Si entro en la casa, me podrían matar.

They want me to remember that they haven’t entered yet.

Quieren que yo recuerde que aún no han entrado.

Kill him! He already entered that place.

¡Mátalo! Ya entró en ese lugar.

We didn’t enter when she told us.

No entramos cuando nos dijo.

For more practice with all of this, go to LCSPodcast.com/175.

Next week, we’ll learn the verbs for “to eat”, “to lose”, and “to get lost”, as well as some very important adverbs and nouns.

This show is brought to you by LearnCraftSpanish.com. The Spanish voice in this episode was our coach Michael Agudelo. Our music was performed by the Seattle Marimba Quartet, and I’m Timothy, encouraging you to do the hard work of learning Spanish. Acquiring a second language is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, so start your fluency journey today at LCSPodcast.com.

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