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Tyler Heffernan

Spanish Testimonial

I recommend Accelerated Spanish coaching to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish. If you're willing to invest in yourself and be patient, Accelerated Spanish will help you achieve your Spanish learning goals.

What was your reason for choosing to learn Spanish?

I've wanted to learn Spanish for a few reasons. First, my wife and I love Costa Rica and have visited many times. Costa Ricans are beautiful people with an amazing culture, and I felt like learning Spanish would enrich our experiences, help us communicate more effectively, make new friends and explore off-the-beaten path locations. Second, I work for a national soccer organization in the U.S., and being able to speak and understand Spanish is beneficial. And third, learning a new language is a powerful exercise for our brains, so while it benefits me in my personal travels and at work, it also benefits me mentally, which is another amazing incentive.

How good was your Spanish before you joined Accelerated Spanish coaching?

My Spanish was not very good before joining Accelerated Spanish. I tried using a few of the popular Spanish learning apps and memorization techniques, but they really only gave me isolated vocabulary. I even took a couple Spanish classes at a local community college, and while they're all helpful to a degree, they were never going to teach me how to be conversational and achieve any true level of fluency. What's crazy is that even though I did these for a few years, I never even considered different tenses. Everything was either random vocabulary or simple, present tense sentences. When I came to that realization, I knew I needed a different approach.

What convinced you to join our coaching program? Were you hesitant to join?

I started listening to the Accelerated Spanish podcast episodes on my way to work every morning, and I could tell I was thinking about language learning differently, which I liked. But, the area that I really struggle with is listening comprehension. So having a coach and a group of students at similar points in our language learning journeys is exactly what I needed. We try new vocabulary and challenge ourselves in a judgment-free space, which is so important. I really enjoy the community of students and coaches that develops over our video calls and Slack.

What do you think is unique about working with Accelerated Spanish coaching, versus anything else you’ve done in Spanish?

Accelerated Spanish helps you to truly learn the language through verb conjugations, sentence structures, different tenses, etc. And as an English major in college, I can relate to this approach. It's really the best way - arguably the only effective way - to form a foundation in any language.

What is the most useful thing we’ve been able to do for you in the coaching?

By far, the most useful thing that Accelerated Spanish coaching has provided me with is the confidence to speak Spanish. I still make mistakes, but my coach encourages me to challenge myself with new exercises and assignments that stretch my abilities. I'm at the point now where sometimes I truly feel like I'm thinking in Spanish, and with my coach's help, I know those moments will happen more and more. That's when I get really excited about my progress.

When you compare your Spanish today with how it was a year ago, what is the most notable difference?

The difference is noticeable. Last year, when my wife and I traveled to Costa Rica, I only knew some phrases and words. But when we went back last month, I was able to have conversations entirely in Spanish. I still have a long way to go, but my pronunciations are better, my vocabulary has greatly expanded and even if I don't know a particular word, I can usually describe it with other words to get more point across.

What will be different in your life now that you’ve taken Accelerated Spanish coaching?

With a greater understanding and proficiency in the Spanish language, I can travel to Spanish-speaking countries with more confidence and interact with Spanish speakers locally in my area. There are so many opportunities to help myself and others with a second language.

What would you say to another student who isn’t sure whether or not they should join Accelerated Spanish coaching?

I recommend Accelerated Spanish coaching to anyone who is serious about learning Spanish. You need a solid foundation in your language learning journey, and you can only get that through learning and practicing conjugations, tenses, sentence structures, etc. English and Spanish are not 1:1 translations, and you need to understand how the Spanish language is spoken. This platform uses research-backed learning techniques to get you writing, reading, talking and thinking in Spanish. So, if you're willing to invest in yourself and be patient, Accelerated Spanish will help you achieve your Spanish learning goals.

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